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Trump meets with Martin Luther King III in a private session to discuss voting rights
President-Elect Donald J. Trump, left, shakes hands with Martin Luther King III as they exit the elevators in the lobby of the Trump Tower Monday, Jan. 16, 2017 in New York. President-Elect Donald J. Trump, left, shakes hands with Martin Luther King III as they exit the elevators in the lobby of the Trump Tower Monday, Jan. 16, 2017 in New York.

9 prominent early astronauts carrying on US space history
Following the Gemini XII splashdown on Nov. 15, 1966, astronauts Buzz Aldrin, left, and Jim Lovell are welcomed aboard the recovery aircraft carrier, USS Wasp, concluding their four-day mission. Gemini XII was the final flight of the Gemini program, a bridge between the Mercury and Apollo programs, designed to test equipment and mission procedures in Earth orbit and to train astronauts and ground crews for missions to the moon in the 1960s and 1970s.

Defiant EU nations ready themselves for Trump presidency
European Union nations bracing for the looming Donald Trump presidency showed defiance Monday in the face of the president-elect's stinging comments on everything from NATO and German cars to the crumbling of the EU itself. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said the U.S. president-elect's view that NATO was obsolete and his criticism that European allied members aren't paying their fair share had "caused astonishment."

Disruptive storm to spread wintry mix across midwestern, northeastern US into midweek
While the worst of the ice storm has now passed, enough wintry weather will occur from the Upper Midwest to portions of the Northeast to cause slippery travel. A swath of freezing rain could cause slippery roads and sidewalks from eastern Nebraska through Iowa, southern Minnesota, Wisconsin, northern Illinois and into Michigan.

This Motown star knew 'Midnight Plane to Houston' wouldn't do - Mon, 16 Jan 2017 PST
Gladys Knight performs on stage at the Apollo Theater Spring Gala and 80th Anniversary Celebration at the Apollo Theater on Monday, June, 10, 2014 in New York City. The first hit for Gladys Knight and the family aggregation known as the Pips was in 1961 - "Every Beat of My Heart."

Academics race to save rare colonial documents in Cuba
An American team of academics is racing to preserve millions of Cuban historical documents before they are lost to the elements and poor storage conditions. Many of the documents shed light on the slave trade, an integral part of Cuba's colonial history that was intertwined with that of the United States.

Salt storage barns: The key to safe winter roads
For most of us, if we ever think about salt storage, the salt shaker on our table probably comes to mind. However, for your local road and transportation department, salt storage is all about keeping road salt properly covered and safe so it is available for the department to use when it starts to snow.

Weekend ice storm glazes central US
The major winter storm affecting parts of the central US and upper Midwest will continue through Monday, according to the National Weather Service. Significant freezing rain will continue for portions of the Plains and Midwest on Sunday as additional weather systems approach from the west, the National Weather Service said.

Accordionists plan to have a ball at inaugural gala
Melania Trump will bring a significant slice of Slovenia to Washington, D.C., next week. So will a couple of brothers from Washington County.

'Only in Cleveland' highlights city sights to first-time visitors with American Bus Association (video)
You have guests coming in from out of town, many of whom have never been to Cleveland. Where do you take them to show off what's uniquely Cleveland? Those five stops made up an "Only in Cleveland" tour, offered Saturday morning to members of the American Bus Association , which is holding its annual convention this weekend in Cleveland.